Be Careful When Moving to Germany!

Be Careful When Moving to Germany!

Here are some important points to consider when moving home from Turkey to Germany:

  1. Logistics Planning: Before starting the moving process, set the moving date and allow enough time to organize the moving process. Contact a suitable transportation company and inform them of the moving date in advance.
  2. Packing Household Goods: Pack your belongings securely. Wrap fragile items carefully and pack them using protective materials. Label your belongings by room so that the process of unpacking in Germany will be easier.
  3. Transportation Insurance: It is important to have transportation insurance against any damage that may occur during the transportation process. Discuss insurance options with the transportation company and secure your belongings.
  4. Settlement Plan in Germany: When you move to Germany, plan the layout of your new home. Identify rooms, think about where your belongings will be placed and plan the layout of your new home according to the size of your furniture.
  5. Pets and Plant Transportation: If you have pets or plants, you need to consider their needs during the transportation process. Obtain the necessary veterinary documents to bring them to Germany and choose a suitable method of transportation.
  6. Legal Regulations in Germany: Before moving to Germany, research the legal regulations, such as required visas or residence permits, and complete the necessary documentation. Also, consider customs rules and import duties.
  7. Change of Address: Update your address in Turkey after the move to Germany is completed. Notify the official institutions and service providers in Turkey of your address change.
  8. Local culture and language: When moving to Germany, it is useful to learn the local culture and language. Learn the basics about life in Germany and make an effort to improve your language skills.

These general recommendations cover some of the important points you should consider when moving home from Turkey to Germany. However, it is also important to take additional precautions according to your specific circumstances and needs. It is also helpful to stay in touch with your moving company during the relocation process to get customized advice.

Short facts about Germany

Germany is a country located in Central Europe. It attracts attention with its economic power, historical and cultural richness. Its capital is Berlin. Germany stands out with its industry, technology and automotive sectors. The Rhine River, Bavarian Alps and historical cities are attractive spots for tourists. German cuisine is famous; you should try flavors such as Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and pretzel. Germany is also a preferred student destination worldwide for its quality of education and universities. It is a country full of cultural events, festivals and museums. Visitors to Germany have an unforgettable experience with its historical buildings, natural beauties and traditional culture.

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